About Us

White Owl Construction L.L.C


White Owl Construction is dedicated to providing high quality, skilled workers that can effectively perform and meet the expectations of prime contractors. For years White Owl Construction has worked to develop small businesses and section 3 workers that provide increased value to resident’s lives and families through on-the-job training. White Owl Construction collaborates with general contractors to achieve winning formulas.


White Owl Construction offers competitive advantages Including engineering experience, safety certifications such as OSHA 10 & 30, and much more. White Owl Construction has experience working on projects ranging from residential to commercial  and municipal construction. White Owl Construction mission is clear, high quality, safe experience with timely work—as well as the building of communities with section 3 workers.


White Owl offers services that provide stability in neighborhoods through the creation of jobs, improving economic development & growth. We also strive to help develop section 3 workers into owners.

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